Health Tips



The lungs are one of the most important organs in your body system that needs to be taken care of. It generates in the body endlessly and is the one responsible for breathing. The lungs play a huge role in stimulating the breathing. Thus, it should be included in the top priority when doing check ups. However, if you refuse and don’t want to do check ups, better avoid engaging on things and foods that can cause the lungs to break down. Four several steps should be followed thoroughly for healthy lungs.



The most common tip is exercise. Lungs are associated with breathing, breathing is a daily routine, and thus exercise. When a person does exercise, his/her lungs brings up the oxygen to the heart and to eliminate the carbon dioxide produced by the exertion of energy; then the heart performs its duty, to pump oxygens throughout the body, specifically to the muscles that are doing the exercise. With this, if the person continues to do exercises, the lungs will eventually be able ‘expand,’ increasing the breathing. This is the most important to athletes as well.Thus, The person doing the exercise will not just have fully worked out lungs, but can also lose weight in the process.


Cigarette smoke is very vital to the lungs. It can cause shortness of breath, withering, and makes the lungs slower in doing its duty. Avoid industrial fumes as well. Try to cover up your nose by your handkerchief when passing through a particularly industrialized area. Moreover, if you are not a cigarette user and are still exposed to this kind of smoke, you will still likely have different types of sickness in the long run. Secondhand smoke is more dangerous than the actual user of cigarette.


If aiming healthy lungs, always be sensitive and vigilant to your meal intake. As much as possible, it is recommended to eat fresh vegetables and fruits for the cleansing of your body, especially lungs. Always make sure to be hydrated as well.


It is important to consider the indoor air as it ihomes your staying place and home. Homes or apartments should maintain the clean and pollution-free environment. It is ironic to get sickness when in your home. There are always many options to keep the home clean.

These four tips for maintaining healthier lungs are just a quick, simple guide for you to be able to start on living healthy.