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Tips for Choosing Top Pitching Machine Brands

Pitching machines are one of the best training aids for baseball and tennis players; you will hardly miss these pieces of equipment in the training grounds.

These machines are also valuable to parents and coaches who train kids how to pitch since they do have to be physically present to train the children. Pitching machines are a significant investment; thus, you must take time to choose the best machine that will ensure you get value for your money. Consider the following when selecting your pitching machine.

Pitch Types and Frequency

Pitching machines come in different types and frequencies. Before choosing the machine, you should establish the training needs for your team and make sure you select the best device for your group. You must realize professional players and beginners have varying training needs.

Automatic and electric pitching machines pitch the ball at different intervals. This enables the hitters to train without any assistance. Thus, it is essential to consider the pitch interval when choosing the ideal pitching machine. The pitching frequency in most of these machines can not be adjusted.


When choosing your perfect pitching machine, it is vital to consider the machines speed, especially when you want to set the machine at a regulation distance. The choice of the machine’s speed will depend on the distance of the machine from the player.
If you want to set the pitching machine at a closer range, you may not have to look at the machines speed since you’ll be receiving the ball faster, requiring quicker reaction times.


The price of the pitching machine is also a significant consideration. Although each of us may desire to have a three-wheel pitching machine with pitching speeds of up to 100 mph, not everyone can afford to pay an excess of $2,500 to acquire the equipment. Fortunately, you can still get a machine with excellent speeds at fairly affordable rates. Thus, choose a machine factoring in your budget.


When choosing a specific brand of pitching machines, it’s essential to consider the features of the machine. Will it meet your training needs? Besides, the pitching machine should be durable. Each brand has its unique features and style, and it’s upon you to decide what you want. For example, some machines are best for defensive drills, while others are perfect for batting practice. Embark on research to determine the right machine for you. Rely on reviews by users to gauge the suitability of the machine.