Lose weight and not your mind: how to get the best weight loss support

Fighting obesity is becoming a challenge nowadays. Based on the combined reports of National Institute of Diabetes And Digestive And Kidney Diseases and stateofobesity.org, USA tops the list with 31% of the total population being obese followed by Mexico (24%) and UK (23%).

Maintaining a healthy weight increases your lifespan by preventing fatal conditions like high blood pressure, a higher level of cholesterol, diabetes that can put you at the risk of coronary heart diseases and kidney failures. Read on to know how to get the best weight lose support by following 4 simple steps:

 You are what you eat. So why eat fast and fake

The first step to healthy living and losing weight is to maintain a healthy food habit.

Include fruits and vegetables in your daily meals.

Opt for wholegrain and starchy foods whenever possible.

Include at least 2 portions of proteins like fish, beans, or pulses to your daily diet.

Eat real foods that are naturally nutrient dense and are minimally altered from their natural state,

Foods that have been highly processed neither provides nourishment nor satisfies your appetite.

 Drink but don’t drink

woman drinking waterDrinking plenty of water everyday refurbishes your systems and help the body to detox. Drinking 5-8 glasses of water increases the functionality of your digestive system and help you lose weight by shedding those extra calories. Cut down the consumption of alcohol as much as possible.

Believe it or not, one glass of wine can contain as many calories as a piece of chocolate. Consuming too much alcohol does not only increase your risk of gaining weight but can also affect your liver in the long run.

 Early to bed and early to rise

Maintain a healthy sleeping habit. Your biological clock reacts according to your habit of sleeping. Sleep deprivation leads to mood swings, digestive problems and finally leads to an imbalance in your weight. An adult should sleep average 7-8 hours daily. When your body gets proper rest, it reacts to the surrounding with more energy.

Good things come to those who sweat

women in pink bikinisExercise helps you cut down calories more than you can imagine. Exercising one hour per day can speed your weight loss procedure, boost your cardio, and fuels your endurance. Get into a regular exercising plan along with eating healthy. It will make you more energized, help burn the calories and make you lose a significant amount of weight.

Losing weight may seem hard during the initial stages, but once you get habituated to the routine nothing can stop you from achieving your goal for fitness, health, and long life.…

Who says vegetarians can’t get enough protein?

There is a common misconception that a vegetarian diet lacks protein. This is simply not true; there is a host of non-meat based foods, high in protein. Another belief is that vegetarian proteins are bland and boring. This is also not the case, or at least, does not need to be. It is just a question of how you select and prepare them.

Alternative proteins for vegetarians


Probably the best-known protein for vegetarians, tofu is delicious and yields 7g of protein per cup. Tofu is derived from soybean curds. It is highly versatile and can be prepared in some delicious ways. One can eat it raw or grilled, baked, fried or steamed. As it cooks, it will absorb flavors so make it with intense, robust flavors for a delicious meal.


Another popular protein is the mighty lentil. Here, you will get about 9g of protein per cup, cooked. It is also packed full of essential minerals and antioxidants, an all-around super food. Lentils are great in stews, soups, salads, veggie burger patties and dips. They are also one of the key ingredients in many Indian dishes. There is nothing tastier than an aromatic lentil curry. Easy to prepare, you just need to rinse, boil, simmer and rinse again once tender. Experiment with different herbs and flavors to create a delectable and healthy dish.


There is a wide variety of seeds to choose from, and they make a hearty substitute for meat, delivering about 7.5g protein per cup, depending on the type. Again, beans are highly versatile and are delicious in salads, veggie burger patties, dips, and soups. They are ideal for Mexican style foods as I am sure you know. Beans do take a little bit of preparation time but are easy to cook. Get to know the different varieties, and you will be amazed by the tantalizing meals you can create.


One great protein that was seldom heard of nofood on platet that long ago, and is now one of the most popular, is quinoa. Now a staple for most health-conscious vegetarians, the Quinoa is a small seed that is packed full of essential amino acids, minerals, fiber and protein (4g per cup, cooked). It makes the perfect substitute for rice, pasta or couscous and also gives a pleasant taste and texture to salads. Preparation is similar to rice.

So there you have it, four scrumptious and easy to prepare alternative proteins for vegetarians.…